Don’t have a non-disclosure agreement? How your small business could be at risk

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Non-disclosure agreements (or NDAs) may seem like they are reserved for celebrities and high-level government officials, but they are actually an important component of many small businesses’ day-to-day operations. Not sure what a non-disclosure agreement is or how it can help your company? Not to worry, our Vancouver small business lawyers are here to help you [...]

Not just contracts: The many ways a small business lawyer can help

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Most business owners understand the value of having a lawyer review a contract for them. Beyond contract reviews, however, our Vancouver small business lawyers can assist you with a range of other service areas, helping your company not just survive, but thrive. Six key areas where our Vancouver small business lawyers can help 1. Business [...]

6 steps you need to take before selling a small business

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Selling a small business is not like selling a house. In reality, it is much more complicated than that. Before you can sell your business, there is a lot of research that needs to be done and a lot of factors that need to be carefully considered. It takes the average business approximately nine months [...]

How to accept a private small business loan

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You may have heard that business and family don’t mix. Yet it‘s not uncommon for family or friends to offer financial assistance to a struggling small business owner. If you accept a small business loan from anyone besides a financial institution, such as a bank, you can protect yourself and your relationship with your family [...]

What to do after incorporating your small business

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So, you're incorporated.   Chances are, you completed the incorporation application, or had an experienced small business lawyer in Vancouver do it for you, and now you have a binder full of documents that don't mean much to you.   So what do you do next?   Here are some of the steps that you [...]